Emergency Relief 


Emergency Relief Camps

Emergency situations require special structures that can provide immediate protection and shelter. ATS Rapid Deployment Structures offers the perfect space solution for aid organisations, military missions and sophisticated outdoor activities.

There are no limits to our operational readiness when it comes to extreme climatic conditions and rough terrain, our Rapid Deployment Shelters are designed to fulfill multiple functions including: accommodation, catering (mess) tents, equipment storage, operational offices, maintenance workshops and aircraft shelters for the military, government, humanitarian and aid relief sectors.

Fully tested to perform in the most extreme and demanding environments, ATS Rapid Deployment Shelters are supplied in a variety of lightweight, quick-to-install, modular sizes and shapes, each designed for multi-purpose operational applications, safeguarding and securing personnel and equipment throughout deployment.

Associations such as the police, fire brigades, relief organisations and armies have one thing in common: during emergency relief operations, the quality and reliability of the shelters used is of particular importance. Not only must you protect communities effected from wind and weather and be resistant to damaging environmental conditions, but you must also provide them with temporary accommodation that’s easy to transport and to build. ATS Rapid Deployment Shelters are the ideal solution to use in difficult situations.

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