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Multi-level modular buildings for extra space

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

When multi-level space is needed for your office, sports ground, warehouse or construction site, a modular structure is a great solution. Why? You’ll make considerable savings over the cost of conventional construction, and the build time will be significantly reduced, taking weeks instead of months - a fraction of the time of a traditional build.

glass fronted modular building

Multi level modular buildings

The Australian Temporary Structure system uses steel framed load bearing modules. These modules can be stacked for a multi level modular building with options for many widths and lengths, including stair systems and landings. You can choose from two or three floors with glass walls for a clear view, or solid wall sandwich panels, atria, balconies and terraces.

Interior modular building

Multi level modular buildings provide sophisticated space that impresses. These structures are perfectly suited for office space, sports events, music events or any other event where clear views and efficient use of floor space is key, such as a hospitality area, VIP area, restaurant or plenary space, for example.

Commercial modular building

Mezzanines to create more industrial space.

Industrial space and construction sites can benefit from using a mezzanine in a clear span multi-level modular structure. Mezzanines are a flexible way to get more space for less money. Mezzanines are a great way to create extra storage space for your industrial buildings, or when you need all the floor space to store large equipment on a construction site, and a mezzanine for admin and everything else.

Airports, marinas, and construction sites may choose to place multi-storey modular buildings directly onto concrete foundations or existing parking lots.

Mezzanine modular building

The best part is that these modular buildings can be packed up and relocated to a more convenient space in your facility or even taken on the road to your new headquarters. That’s the unique possibility with temporary structures.

Our structures are available with air conditioning or heating solutions. Pricing varies on location, size, shape and custom-design requirements.

Talk to us today about your next building project.

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