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Vaccine Clinics in Australia

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Healthcare centre

Opening a safe vaccination clinic for COVID-19 requires a quick turnkey structure solution. Such structures are essential to protect equipment, patients, and healthcare personnel, especially when the vaccine becomes publicly available and distribution is to occur en masse. When planning safe drive-through COVID-19 vaccination clinics, you should plan for:

  • Patient Reception

  • Vaccination rooms

  • Temperature Control: Secure temperature-controlled vaccination storage

  • Staff Equipment Storage: Vaccination equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE) storage

  • Staff Changing Facilities: Private facilities for staff to change to/from medical scrubs/PPE or spraying each other / themselves with a disinfecting solution for safety

  • Personnel Support Facility: Eating and/or taking bathroom breaks.

Vaccine Clinics

To quickly establish an effective and efficient vaccination clinic, the setup speed must be considered. Prioritising the speed of purchase, delivery time frame, its assembly, and the anchoring options needed will help narrow the selection.

Australian Temporary Structures are ideal for a speedy turnkey solution.

Healthcare services

Our structures can be designed for a fast setup, safely anchored to virtually any level surface (including asphalt and concrete), and easily taken down and either stored or relocated as the needs of your COVID-19 vaccination program change.

Hospital ward

The structures are made of an environmentally friendly aluminium alloy, which is lighter and more flexible. The outer skin is made of durable PVC fabric, which is German manufactured and meet strict Australian Standards of wind loading and fire safety and are compliant

to the required Australian Building Standards for structural integrity.

They are available in many sizes: clear span widths from 5 metres to 30 metres. Eave heights from 3.5 metres to 6.2 metres and unlimited lengths in 5 metre bays.

In addition to a large selection of building models and sizes, Australian Temporary Structures offers a near-endless number of customisation options to meet the unique requirements of your COVID-19 vaccination program. Choose from a large assortment of the following:

  • Windows

  • Personnel and equipment doors (including roller doors)

  • Lighting and electrical systems

  • Insulation and HVAC systems

  • Soft- and hard-wall partitions

  • Specialised flooring systems

  • Anchoring solutions for dirt, gravel, sand, wood, asphalt, and concrete

  • Wet areas

Our structures can be purchased or rented.

For more information on how we can help in setting up vaccination clinics, please contact us directly, 1800 86 68 68 or request a quote.

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