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Theatre & Concert Venues

Let’s make your venue the main attraction! A temporary theatre event solution can give you the freedom of staging your event anywhere and anytime. When it comes to maximising visitor numbers, and offering a full audience experience, ATS can offer a range of exceptional temporary theatre structures.


Our temporary theatre structures can include hospitality space, bars and restaurants and toilet facilities, as well as temporary theatre seating to give your audience clear sight of your event, wherever they are sitting. Customise your event infrastructure to host a concert, theatre performance or music event, by choosing from a range of temporary theatre venue and theatre seating options.

The flexible nature of our solutions for theatre, concerts and music events means that we can install your temporary theatre structure wherever you need it. If you need tiered theatre seating or open air arena seating; we can deliver. We can even provide a solution if the ground is uneven or sloping. Just tell us what your music or theatrical event needs to look like, and we are sure to have a theatre solution for you.


We can dress your temporary theatre structure according to your exact event specifications, equally, if you want to install temporary theatre seating inside an existing structure for a concert, theatrical event, or even TV or film studio, we can do that.

We can provide a ‘structure within a structure’ solution for you, offering all the individual hospitality and back of house spaces that you require, as part of your theatrical or music event. Separate rooms can also be created, using partition walling and roof linings, to create exactly the layout that you need.


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