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Modular design for the commercial space

It’s no secret the commercial sector is looking further into modular building options to provide new commercial spaces and working environments that are cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Modular construction has already taken hold of a niche within the educational, residential, and commercial sectors for its quick to build, easy to maintain constructions that causes little disruption and exceeds environmental requirements.

restaurant modular structure

A good first impression is everything

With improvements in construction techniques, materials and factory technology, there has never been a better time to build modular constructions.

Affordable, sustainable, environmentally friendly, durable, and efficient, it’s hardly surprising so many businesses are now turning to modular buildings to expand on existing offices or building new ones.

Any commercial business will want to wow potential customers. A first look can impact a sale tremendously.

Glass frontages bring a modern and sleek look that will grab the attention of current and potential new customers.

Opting for a modular structure can grab attention and more.

Whether you need long-term commercial space to provide high visibility on the street front, or short-term space because your premises is undergoing a refurbishment, a modular structure can be the solution for you.

Commercial premises

Farewell to bricks and mortar

Great commercial buildings no longer need to be bricks and mortar with dull walls and poorly lit spaces; they can be modern structures with glossy finishes, high-end floors, and above all, glass walls for people to have a peek at the merchandise from outside.

Opting to go with a full height glass entrance will provide the WOW factor to show off new products on the showroom floor. Glass frontages are also great for allowing a plethora of natural light into the space to brighten up the showroom floor and fill it with a great energy.

modular structure for the commercial sector

Modular Structures

A modular structure can add so much more to your space, like comfortable reception areas, connection points for WIFI and charging ports, a modern kitchenette, led lighting, air conditioning and a functional work area. This will generate a positive customer service experience and let’s face it: service is all about the experience.

In addition to this, a modular structure can add on facilities such as:

  • Offices

  • Customer waiting areas

  • Coffee shops

  • Storage

Gone are the days when modular construction was reserved for temporary, short-lease projects. This innovative form of construction has seen a dramatic rise in uptake over recent years, with more and more commercial businesses looking towards modular as a permanent arrangement for their outlets.

large commercial entrance

What's the story behind the boom?

Whilst modular building processes have reduced labour compared to traditional methods, a focus on off-site building has continued to highlight some significant benefits:

Cleaner, Greener

Events over recent years have highlighted the need for a cleaner, greener, and more efficient approach to manufacturing and construction, and eco-conscious restaurants & other commercial outlets are reflecting this in their decision-making. Australian Temporary Structures use sustainable materials within a factory-controlled environment to ensure maximum compliance with environmental regulations.

Branded Building

Modular construction is a real head-turner for passing pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Commercial businesses can achieve on-point branding with a stylish, professional-looking modular building that is totally bespoke and built around their brand.

Space for growth and downsizing

Modular buildings enable businesses to accurately predict and plan their future growth without the worry of time delays or unexpected costs. This means that if they want to expand on their showroom, kitchen or seating space, it’s easily done. Alternatively, space can be divided and reduced in the event of needing to downsize.

office interior

Commercial Modular Building

Constructed from anodised aluminium and other high-quality materials, our structures are resistant to wind and rain, and are designed to last many years in such conditions. We use insulated sandwich panels, wall to ceiling glass, aluminium profiles and fire-resistant galvanised steel connections and assembly components to ensure that you have a safe and durable structure.

Choose from single-storey or multi-storey, with a range of high-end facade systems, such as iso panels and floor-to-ceiling glass. There are endless possibilities including atriums, balconies, and terraces. Offering anything from 5m to 30m in span, up to 4.00m in height per floor and whatever length you need, these commercial buildings are suitable for any commercial application.

A viable alternative

Modular buildings are much more cost-efficient than constructing permanent buildings. Renting space can be costly, without the additional expense of building a bricks and mortar building. Australian Temporary Structures offer an affordable and viable alternative to give your business space to grow, with far greater scope to control your budget.

Choosing modular offers flexibility. We can have a site visit booked within 24 hours and, depending on the type of modular building you require, we could begin the installation process within a couple of weeks. Our structures can also be easily removed, adapted or relocated if your business needs change, so you can expand and contract as the market demands, unlike a permanent building.

Our commercial modular structures can be created in a fraction of the time that it would take to build a permanent structure. Perfect for discerning companies looking for fast, affordable, and beautiful building solutions.

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