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Education Building
Classroom interior
Interior Classroom
Classroom building front view
Classroom hallway with glass windows
Modular education building

educational facilities

Modular classroom with playground.

Educational Facilities

Australian Temporary Structures can help you create additional space or covered areas for your educational facility for either short or long term use.

Our temporary buildings for schools have a variety of uses, from creating additional classroom space, covering an outdoor learning area, and as temporary classrooms during a school’s refurbishment.

We understand that an educational building is an integral part of the learning environment, and we understand the need for continuity and routine. Sometimes factors beyond our control, such as refurbishment, expansion or building works, can cause disruption. However, our temporary structures can be installed in a very short time frame, meaning the school’s curriculum can continue unaffected during the school’s redevelopment.

Australian Temporary Structures modular classrooms are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, from a basic canopy to a solid-walled building, and are all extremely versatile. Our modular classroom buildings are available as either permanent or temporary structures, and can be reused or redefined for further use in the future.

In addition to temporary classrooms, you can opt for an awning or gymnasium that has an unimpeded apex height of up to 13.177m on an 8.00m eave, with the option of non-slip flooring, perfect for student’s playing sport under cover.

ATS’s modular school buildings provide a highly durable, flexible and cost-effective solution to your school’s building needs. Ask us how you can purchase or hire your new school facilities.


  • Made to order, enabling client’s to create a structure that is unique to meet their aesthetic and functional requirements

  • Use of standard component parts where possible to achieve cost efficiency without compromise on final product finish

  • Rental and purchase options

  • Sustainable construction practices

  • Renewable assets

  • Lower costs compared to traditional building options

  • Temporary structures can take as little as 1 day to construct and even less to dismantle



  • Temporary offices & classrooms

  • Student housing

  • School awnings

  • Playground covers

  • Covered outdoor learning areas

  • Recreational facilities

  • Sporting structures

  • Pool covers

  • Storage

  • Rebuild and refurb projects

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