extra capacity space

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Extra Capacity Space

There are several reasons why a temporary building is ideal for many industries and companies, for instance, the expansion of a company premises, the creation of a short-term storage facility, the need for sheltering or securing important goods, or providing temporary space for machinery and equipment during construction work. Often such needs are seasonal or intermittent, and often can come at short notice. 

This superior range of building systems provides both end-users and specialist rental companies with instant covered space solutions suitable for a multitude of specialist applications. These include: 

•    Distribution
•    Logistics
•    Retail
•    Exhibition
•    Film Production
•    Automotive
•    Showroom
•    Military, aviation, seaport
•    Leisure sectors

Uncompromising material and workmanship characterises ATS temporary industrial structures. Our knowledgeable, experienced staff ensure the best service from planning phase to completed project.