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Maritime cargo modular structure
Maritime dockside modular structure



Maritime dockside modular structure

Maritime Ports

Modular structures can be a real alternative to permanent maritime buildings.

They provide substantial cost-saving benefits. In addition, these structures can be permanent or relocatable, thereby greatly increasing their opportunities for use. Constructed swiftly and efficiently, our lightweight modular structures are designed to be delivered and set up quickly and under limited foundation requirements.

Australian Temporary Structures are made of hard pressed alumunium, lightweight and robust structures that do not corrode in harsh marine environments. Our modular port authority buildings feature all-weather durability and can withstand extreme heat, cold and winds.

These structures have widths of up to 30 metres and can be customised to larger widths and come in unlimited lengths.  Eave heights range up to 8 metres. Impressive! Plus, these structures include options such as large roller doors, climate control, and short-term lease rates that can help accommodate immediate requirements.

As exports continue to grow, space becomes an issue. Having the flexibility to carry on operations with minimal disruption is fundamental. That’s why modular structures are the most efficient way of tackling expansion challenges.


Our team works with you to find the best temporary structure to suit your needs, such as a regular warehouse or storage building for small requirements can be supplied and installed as an ‘off-the-shelf’ product and usually installed within a week. Larger customised projects go through the project design and engineering processes before manufacture, shipping and installation.

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