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Aircraft Hangars

Protect your aviation machinery and equipment with a purpose-built, solid aircraft hangar by Australian Temporary Structures.

We can help you design an aircraft hangar with provisions for aircraft fleets, helicopters, workshops, high level loft space for bulk storage and large storage area for aircraft interior units. Training facilities, administrative & engineering offices, staff amenities – all custom built to suit your requirements.

Unlike a traditional hangar, a temporary aircraft hangar can usually be completed within weeks, rather than months.

The cost of these structures is also a fraction of what it would cost to build a permanent building. ATS aircraft hangars are constructed from a prefabricated plan that keeps the costs lower, but also allows flexibility in design, and is built to the highest safety and efficiency standards.

Aircraft Structure Benefits

  • Cost-effective alternative to traditional buildings

  • Short planning and implementation period

  • Quick installation and dismantling

  • Great flexibility through modular structure

  • Easy reuse and relocation

  • Resource-efficient and therefore sustainable

  • Permanent or temporary applications

  • Turnkey solution

  • German engineering

  • Superior Quality

Hangar Applications