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Updated: Aug 2, 2023

As a business you're always concerned about the amount of building space you have, be it showroom space, childcare facilities, covered storage, offices, or extra staff space, warehousing, workshop areas, logistics, waste processing, retail, education or leisure space and basic weather protection for just about anything.


How much building space

The amount of building space you need can change quite quickly, which can make it very hard to maintain the right level of free space, especially with the associated costs of leasing space on and off site and the logistics of splitting your business over two or more locations.


We understand that when a business expands you can be faced with the task of finding new locations and new premises. These types of expansion can be a worry for businesses, as building an extra facility can be very costly. If the expansion you're facing is uncertain, or you're facing a short term boom, then investing in new premises is a risky business – what will you do with that dead space when you no longer need it?

If you're renting land and have your own structures on it, then you don't want to have to leave a permanent building on that land when you leave (hopefully for a larger site to accommodate your expanding business), alternatively if you already have other sites where a structure could be useful you'll want to be able to relocate your structures to adapt to changing demands.

Australian Temporary Structures can solve these problems very efficiently.

warehouse space

As modular structures it is very easy to change the size of your temporary building, making it larger for business growth or smaller if the nature of your business changes and you need less space than before. Our temporary buildings can adapt to your changing needs, so we can support your business as it develops, meaning you're never paying for space you don't need, or pay over the odds for extra space during peak times.

Our temporary buildings can be installed virtually anywhere, and in spaces that are more flexible than a traditional building project. Plus temporary structures can be used in almost any climate or type of environment. This is due to climate and environmental control features that can be added to the temporary building to maintain strict control of the temperature, moisture level, and other factors.

multiple warehouses
Temporary storage units built in Karratha, WA.

This means more space can be created in virtually any location very quickly, and that's exactly what you want. The strong lightweight aluminium frame is the key to this flexibility, creating a typical installation time of a week using a process that anchors the frame down to existing ground, depending on its condition. Not only does this create extra building space quickly and economically, but it means dismantle and removal is just as easy, allowing for hire options.

As we offer hire options, we are extremely flexible when it comes to your needs.

If you need more space for a short-term project, we are ideally placed to meet that need, taking the building away when it is no longer needed and returning the ground to the same state. We can even rent an extension to your existing building, whether that's also a temporary structure or a more permanent one. With ATS, you're never left with dead space which you're paying to maintain without getting any material benefit.

multi level building

And now in times of COVID-19, many businesses are having to plan for a ‘new normal’.

But that does not mean businesses have to remain shut. Temporary buildings – such as those available at Australian Temporary Structures - can also provide a way for many businesses to re-open, particularly those which require an office environment. Again, for employees to re-start, desks would need to be positioned at least two metres apart, staff rooms and canteens would also need to be much bigger, allowing people to use the on-site facilities, whilst observing key social distancing rules.

A temporary building space, therefore, is a convenient and cost-effective solution. Not only could it be used to extend the office space – allowing more people to return to work – it could also feature extra kitchens and food preparation areas, toilets, washing facilities, restrooms etc, as required.

In short, a temporary building can provide fast, affordable, easy on-site space for short or long-term use, for many varied purposes including:

· Additional storage or warehousing space.

· Extra workshop or operational space.

· Creating new areas for working.

· Extra space for social distancing.

· Added cover for loading and unloading.

· Plus so much more…

internal warehouse

Built fast

The fast installation (and dismantle/removal) of approximately a week, plus the option to hire for as long as needed or buy outright, means businesses can have extra space exactly when, where and for how long they need it.

So, if you’re looking for a building space solution, then why not invest in a temporary structure? Such buildings offer a fast, cost effective and safe solution. They can be made to meet your specific requirements, with an extensive range of internal and external fittings. But, most importantly, they can provide you with the extra space you need, no matter what the space is needed for.

Call us today on 1800 866 868, or request a quote, and let us find the right solution for your project.

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