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Why your construction site needs 'onsite' storage space?

Updated: Aug 2, 2023


Construction Sites

If you’re like many construction companies, you probably rent space at a storage facility, most often offsite (very inconvenient) - Problems can arise when a construction site can’t stay organised.

On a construction site, multiple contractors are coming and going and are often sharing expensive equipment. The ideal location for storage is on the construction site itself - a place for everything and everything in its place.

Fast, lockable storage space onsite is the answer.

At Australian Temporary Structures, we provide 'onsite' storage structures for construction sites, helping projects stay on track and minimise delays.

Here are six reasons why your construction site needs onsite storage space:

Steel roof warehouse

1: Storage almost anywhere

Temporary structures provide fast and economical space for loading and unloading equipment or basic storage. Taking just days to install, they are the perfect solution to store equipment and heavy machinery quickly and easily. They can even be purpose-built in confined areas onsite.


  • Installation of a typical structure can usually be completed in a matter of weeks, depending on your requirements.

  • Easy to dismantle, remove, extend, modify or relocate.

  • Aluminium frame, industrial grade steel sheet or PVC walls.

  • Opaque or translucent PVC roof.

  • Designed to comply with BS6399, DIN EN 13782 (semi-permanent) and DIN EN 1991 (permanent) for wind loads.

  • Durable and proven through many successful loading and storage applications.

  • Structures can also be engineered to site specific requirements.

interior warehouse

2: Temporary Structure are cost effective

When you require extra storage space, an offsite unit in a storage facility may end up costing you more money. In most cases it costs more per square foot to rent an offsite storage unit than an onsite temporary structure. Also, our storage structures are conveniently delivered to your site and erected. Store all your essential documents, supplies, tools, and equipment on the site and save significant money in transport costs. You also save travel time because subcontractors aren’t scrambling to pick up or drop off equipment and materials.

3: Inventory stays secure

Weather and vandalism are two major concerns for construction companies. Most items lost due to storm damage or theft are covered by insurance, but it takes time to replace them. That can be a project killer if you have a tight deadline. Adding double locked security doors to the storage structure may help prevent this costly loss. Plus, you can fit features such as automatic roller doors to allow for easy access and a hard floor to withstand heavy equipment. These structures are built to last, so they keep equipment and materials as secure as any offsite storage unit. They’re also waterproofed, pest resistant and able to withstand storms, strong winds and heat. And their metal-clad exteriors serve as a theft deterrent.

4: Turnkey Service

Australian Temporary Structures provides a complete turnkey service using our strategic partners in building and project management, onsite logistics, power supply and installation. A typical temporary structure can usually be completed in a matter of weeks, depending on the requirements.

three garage warehouse

5: Onsite convenience

From the start of a construction project to the finish and from one day to the next, your equipment needs will vary greatly. With a storage structure right on your construction site, you’ll be prepared for whatever the day brings. This makes temporary storage structures an ideal solution no matter what type of construction project you’re managing. The contents are always available. There are no offsite storage hours to be aware of, and no rushing to pack up before an offsite storage unit closes.

6: Mobility

Construction sites don’t last forever, and we know you’re always preparing for the next job. So it’s good to know that the storage structure can be transported and relocated. After you wrap up one job, the structure can be moved to a new site, so you’re ready to go.

ATS provides cost effective construction site solutions, available to buy or rent. Contact us today to find out more about our storage structures.

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