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Downer Rail Project
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Downer Rail Project

Rail Terminals

Periodic maintenance and construction work is essential for a rail network to deliver safe, reliable train services to customers. Our temporary structures provide customised design and shelter to service and maintain a fleet of trains in a location you require. Our structures can also include offices, amenities, staff parking and ancillary buildings.

We can construct a temporary building over fixed or static equipment, such as rail tracks, conveyors or other heavy machinery, and because our temporary buildings are modular, they can be totally customised to adapt to the exact dimensions you require.

ATS can also create service bays by installing roller shutters or automatic doors into each wall bay.  Alternatively, the ends of the buildings can be left open to allow access for trains, aircraft or heavy machinery to pass through. With eave heights of 8m, and the ability to create unlimited lengths in 5-metre incremental bays, our temporary buildings can easily accommodate the most substantially sized plant machinery for cleaning and maintenance.

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