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Endeavour Pavillion

Restaurants & Cafes

Imagine building a fine dining structure on the iconic wharf of Sydney, or along Melbourne’s spectacular Yarra River without the need of building on a foundation – just anchor down adjacent to the promenade, or wharf!

Let us introduce our new evolution in architecturally designed multi-level semi-permanent and permanent structures, incorporating stunning panoramic glass walls, atriums, balconies, outdoor areas and terrace areas. These impressive structures do not require a conventional foundation, they can be installed on existing level ground, without the need of civil works.

Whether you want a restaurant, functional or fancy, we can give you the perfect structure, even on some of Australia’s most unique and spectacular locations.



  • Full kitchen/catering facilities can be supplied if required

  • Single or multilevel structures

  • Aesthetically pleasing

  • Each structure provided can stand alone or can be attached to existing buildings

  • Wide variety of span and lengths sizes available

  • Internal layout to suit your requirements

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