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Wollngong Council walkway

Walkways & Entrances


If you’re looking for a temporary covered walkway for your hospitality event, then look no further than our portable canopies. On the occasion we can’t guarantee the weather, but we can guarantee that your guests will be sheltered and impressed with our attractive and versatile temporary walkways.

Our convenient and cost effective canopy walkways are quick and easy to install. Whether the venue is a hotel, shopping centre, sports club, wedding venue, tourist area or business centre, we can offer you a solution. Our portable walkways can be used as a sheltered pathway to the venue, as sheltered outdoor meeting space for the comfort of your guests, as well as a covering for where privacy is needed, or as a covered access from door to door.


We can design and engineer a link or entrance structure. Understanding presentation is also of paramount importance when it comes to setting the right impression, that’s why we offer tailored options including, clear window panels, clear roof or totally clear cover.

If required we can customise your entryway to keep in line with your company’s identity. In addition, canopies can be designed and manufactured to meet the individual specifications of your site.

Our temporary walkways and canopies are available to either buy or hire, so speak to us today to discuss your requirement.

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