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Brimbank Council Gymnasium interior


Traditional gyms and sports facilities can be expensive and often take years to build, especially when you need a building quickly, affordably and without any construction hassles. Our temporary gym structures provide nearly all of the benefits of traditional buildings at a much lower price, and they can be relocated whenever necessary.

The sports facilities and indoor gyms available from ATS are designed as modules, which makes them extremely versatile. One building can be configured in several different ways depending on the size needed at the time. The gymnasium can then be modified as required.

Several enclosures can also be added to form a gym complex with different areas for different sports and activities. Doorways can be made large enough to bring in any type of sporting or training equipment, including maintenance vehicles, and the interior may include special sports flooring, even artificial turf or natural grass.


Thinking of expanding on your current boxing gym? Or ready to build a new boxing gym? Our temporary boxing gym structures can be purpose-built and ready to use in a relatively short period of time, meaning you can resume your boxing classes or training sessions without having to worry about losing out on time in the ring.

Choose from a range of temporary boxing gym structure designs, and why not customise your building to suit your brand, by adopting glass walls, and a THERMO-roof to minimise condensation. At the same time, air conditioners can be installed to ensure the temperature, providing a comfortable boxing training stage.


Does your school gymnasium need an urgent restoration? ATS offers you temporary buildings to keep your school sport lessons going on! For your temporary gym we can deliver a turnkey solution: gym flooring with necessary markings, insulated walls and roof, heating and air conditioning, lighting, annex buildings like locker rooms and toilet facilities, as well as storage rooms.


ATS temporary sports centres are perfectly suited to turn any outside space into a fully functional indoor sports facility, offering the perfect environment for both coaches and players alike, especially during the winter months. Available as either a canopy or fully walled structure, they are lightweight and can be reused if necessary, making them the most versatile option when it comes to developing temporary sports facilities.


ATS can deliver specialist sports flooring if you are planning on using your temporary sport building for sports, such as netball or tennis. The markings on our specialist flooring make it easier for both training purposes and competitions. Specialist sports flooring can still be useful if you plan to use your structure as a general modular sports facility due to its slip resistance. Also, optional heating and cooling systems allow you to reach the optimum temperature in your temporary sports structure easily and cost efficiently.

Our international references demonstrate the advantages of the Speed­Lock mobile floors: Quick assembly, high durability and longevity. Speed­Lock mobile sports floors are manufactured according to DIN 18032 and EN 14904 standards and can be fitted with a variety of surfaces, such as parquet wood, linoleum or vinyl. The floor elements are manufactured to a high level of precision using the latest CNC machinery. The patented safe, sturdy aluminium interlocking system ensures the system’s long life.

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