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Light Industrial

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Light Industrial

Increasingly, companies have to adapt to a changed market situation, they’ve run out of space, need storage facilities, a sheltered space, or an emergency solution after fire or flood damage, leaving no time for the complex construction of a brick-built building. An ATS light industrial structure can be a flexible storage and shelter solution, easily adapted to your requirements within a short time.

With our lightweight industrial range of temporary structures, you can upscale your business’ warehousing capacity with additional storage space for goods or equipment virtually overnight, resulting in vastly reduced overheads and a far greener footprint. These light industrial structures are not only very robust and resistant, but are also weather-proof. That means they represent the perfect solution when it comes to clients looking for sheltered temporary space without compromising on quality or structural integrity.

Talk to a project manager today about our convenient and cost-effective temporary light industrial solutions that can be designed and installed by our in-house technical team in no time.

We can supply the following light industrial structures for sale or rent:

  • Jobsite canopies

  • Loading dock canopies

  • Sheltered entryways

  • Sheltered pathways

  • Storage buildings & warehouses

  • Workshops

  • Waste & recycling buildings

  • Garages

  • Sporting facility coverings

  • Plus so much more

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