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Storage facilities for large projects

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

large storage building

Large storage facilities

The construction of a large project entails expensive equipment, large crews, multiple stakeholders, and lengthy timeframes. With so many moving pieces to the construction process, there are bound to be complications and unexpected costs. More often large-scale projects typically take 20 percent longer than originally scheduled and can be up to 80 percent over budget.

That is why companies are looking at better storage facilities.

canopy storage structure

Flexible solutions

Australian Temporary Structures offer large cost savings on their storage buildings, can be installed quickly and just as easily moved or modified to continue meeting your needs. Besides seasonal overstocks, it’s important to be prepared for possible expansion.

We offer quality storage facilities in a size and design to suit any construction project. The best part is that a temporary structure can be built at any location without the need for groundworks. Such flexibility can make a large impact on your project budget.

warehouse entrance


When a storage facility is offsite, there are additional expenses including fuel, vehicle maintenance related to driving supplies and equipment to and from the job site and hours of lost productivity while employees make the commute. Having a storage facility near your job site eliminates the wasted time and the wasted wear and tear on the equipment all while keeping your assets protected.

Whether you’re storing equipment, goods, or managing subcontractors, temporary structures can be used for storage, for a new build, or expansion. An onsite sales office or logistics centre allows you to coordinate all project stages.

Our industrial buildings are designed for storage. They’re both aesthetic and functional, allowing you to create safe and efficient workplaces that adhere to stringent regulations, and international building code requirements (IBC).

This makes a temporary structure an excellent option for businesses within the light or heavy industrial sector that require economical structures fast. Perfect for logistics, transport, waste management and recycling, agriculture, mining, maritime and more. warehouses, industrial estates and more.

These heavy-duty buildings are designed with features that offer long-term benefits:


Frames made from durable aluminium

Large Scale

No Foundations needed



Resale value

Choice of insulated and non-insulated industrial buildings, with all-round protection in the form of PVC covers or corrugated steel sheets, these light-weight buildings provide storage safety and options for extensions, as well as canopy structures.


• Self-supporting span width up to 30.00 m

• Modular dimension can be extended to any length

• Side heights up to 6.30m

• Anchoring with or without foundation

• Roof: steel sheet, sandwich panel, or PVC.

• Temporary or permanent solutions

• Additional fixtures available on request.

• Custom designs available upon request

steel roof storage building

Harnessing the flexibility of temporary space

Temporary space allows all types of businesses to focus on what’s most important – their goals. Temporary storage buildings not only solve space constraints but also reduce schedule pressures, improve access to remote locations and tackle unusual requirements. In turn, opening opportunities for you to drive productivity across every stage of your project.

If you’re interested in how your business can benefit from a storage facility that ticks all the boxes, then browse our extensive range of turnkey solutions that can have your project up and running in no time.

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