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The Future of Building Design.

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Commercial modular structure

Ever wonder what the future of building design will look like?

You might say these buildings need to be designed as flexible spaces, in a way that they can be customised to your current and later needs; be it a warehouse, restaurant, classroom, showroom, garage, even an aircraft hangar.

And you would be right?


Will they be built at accelerated speeds, and at a cheaper cost than conventional bricks and mortar?

Exhibition centre

Commercial Design

Our innovative building system is already making waves on the international commercial & industrial building landscape. It’s a unique form of construction that takes the complexity out of bricks and mortar. Their modular design is quick to construct, giving you fast, cost-effective working space in only a matter of months.

And the best part - these structures are so flexible they can be repurposed as exhibition centres, theatres, airport terminals, aquatic centres, sports centres, or concert venues, and are in demand all around the world, meaning that your structure grows in value long after it’s served its purpose.

Swimming pool enclosure

Australian Temporary Structures are 100% renewable, giving it a low ecological footprint. And they are designed by leading German and Australian engineers to maintain the highest ISO compliant standards in the industry. There’s no need for groundworks, and they’re fully engineered to withstand strong winds.

With clear span widths from 5 metres to 30 metres. Eave heights from 3 metres to 14 metres and unlimited lengths in 5 metre bays. These structures are built using sections of up to 55m steel spans, pieced together to create a vast, pillar-free workspace, each beam with a point load of 5 tonnes. Plus, the roof can be thermo insulated and the structure temperature controlled for asset protection.

At around 60% of the cost when compared to a traditional build, these structures have the durability to stand for 50 years, along with the flexibility to be dismantled in 2 to 3 years if needed and relocated to different parts of the country.

Commercial modular structure

Australian Temporary Structures are a ‘game changer’ in the building scene, one that will disrupt traditional bricks and mortar construction and set the way for faster, cheaper, renewable buildings in Australia and across the world.

Want to build a renewable, flexible working space of the future? - Australian Temporary Structures offer world-wide experience in development and construction. And we have a proven track record of planning and executing projects on time and within budget.

We are the right choice when it comes to the world’s best modular building design for any type of industrial and commercial application.

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