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Innovative Building Structures

Innovative Temporary & Permanent Buildings

Australian Temporary Structures have an extensive range of modular buildings that provide the perfect framework for multiple commercial and industrial building applications in Australia and New Zealand.


From basic through to multi-level buildings, there are virtually no limits in terms of design, size, functionality and accessory options from which to select.


Our buildings are competitively priced and available for sale, rental or lease.


Australian Temporary Structures are so versatile they can be used for virtually any application.

Choose from the categories below.

Build Your Own Structure

By using our configurator you can build your own custom modular structure. Once you're done, send it to us for a quote.

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Why choose ATS?

Our temporary and permanent buildings can be adapted to different usage profiles, such as space for commercial, industrial or production applications, warehouses, workshops, temporary commercial real estate, and even as space solutions for offices and technical facilities.



With our superior products, fast quotations, on-time deliveries and trained installers, we provide complete turnkey solutions in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. 

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