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Innovative Building Structures

Innovative Temporary & Permanent Buildings

Australian Temporary Structures have an extensive range of modular buildings that provide the perfect framework for multiple commercial and industrial building applications in Australia and New Zealand.


From basic through to multi-level buildings, there are virtually no limits in terms of design, size, functionality and accessory options from which to select.


Our buildings are competitively priced and available for sale, rental or lease.


Australian Temporary Structures are so versatile they can be used for virtually any application.

Choose from the categories below.

Build Your Own Structure

By using our configurator you can build your own custom modular structure. Once you're done, send it to us for a quote.


Choose from our range of products. Australian Temporary Structures have a building type for virtually any application.

Cargo Structure

Industrial Structures

The Cargo can have widths of up to 30.00m and a side height of 6.30m.

Skyline Mezzanine Interior

Commercial Structures

The Skyline is available in both single level and multi-level options

interior exhibition centre

Large-scale Commercial Structures

Mega Structures feature a ridge height of 8.00m, with spans that range from 10.00m to 70.00m.

Jetty Structure

Event Structures

The Vegas is an event structure that is both versatile and visually appealing.

Ottimo House

Multi-Application Structures

The Perth allows you to create extra space without committing to a permanent venue

Combo thermo Steel roof

See our range of Accessories

Discover our range of roof, wall, door and window fixtures for a full fit out of your structure.


See our resources section for our product range. Get information on our structures, plus building specifications, and more.
ATS Full Product Brochure

Get more info on our industrial structure - The Cargo.

Get more info on our commercial structure - The Skyline.

Get more info on our large scale commercial structure - The Mega.

Get more info on our event structure - The Vegas.

Get more info on our all rounder structure - The Perth.

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