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Building classrooms - fast!

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Many school and university campuses experience the disruption that ensues from large-scale traditional construction projects. They take a long time to complete, slow vehicle traffic, reroute student walking pathways, and pose significant risk to the environment and passersby.

With modular construction, university administrators no longer need to subject their students and staff to this less-than-ideal experience. Thanks to modular construction, building student classrooms and student housing is significantly more convenient, affordable, and quick to build.

classroom extension

Classroom buildings

The combination of purpose-built classroom building spaces and exceptional flexibility in design makes all the difference.

Our modular buildings range from modern, classrooms to innovative multi-storey, semipermanent buildings that can provide schools with the flexibility to expand or contract in size as the needs of the school change.

internal classroom

Classrooms and student housing is made of prefabricated components. Instead of going through the long process of a traditional construction project, modular structures allow schools to build learning space that is:


It’s estimated that modular construction is 30–50% faster than traditional construction methods.


The modular design of classrooms and student housing allows you to create the shape and space your students need. Choose your interior and exterior material options, floor plan layouts, fixtures, and amenities to match existing campus buildings or stand out as something new.

Environmentally friendly:

Modular buildings tend to be more environmentally friendly than traditionally constructed buildings due to their efficient construction and transportation methods. They also meet the Australian Building Standards guidelines.

Fit out:

Building and assembling using prefabricated building components gives us the ability to optimise the floor plans in any layout that a school or university might recommend. And we can do that quickly.

Classroom hallway

Student accommodation units come with bathrooms, laundry, HVAC systems, spacious bedrooms, common areas, study areas, as well as convenient network connectivity.

Three key advantages for modular student housing options:

• Comfortable Living Spaces

• Quick Delivery and Installation

• Customer Service and Responsiveness

School Bathroom

We work with education staff to help provide the living conditions that ensure students have a quiet place to study, rest, and maintain their living standards.

We are able to deliver modular buildings to any location in Australia and New Zealand, and, depending on customisations, they can be fully installed in weeks.

School dormitory

What you can expect from us

Close contact with ATS at every step of the building process. Every construction requirement taken care of, such as planning applications, plus an onsite project manager overseeing your build from start to finish.

Talk to us today about your next building project.

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