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Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Film Production studio

Is the need for more film studio space becoming paramount?

Have you just experienced rapid growth in the ever-evolving film industry, and you’ve outgrown your previous workspace?

ATS offers workplace solutions that is future proof and fully attuned to your changing needs.

Glass fronted building

Film Studios - Fast!

Studio room

Whether you are a visual effects production company looking for an articulated creative workflow or a film company that needs offices to meet the operational needs of the work force, ATS have the solution for you.

Future proofing through a modular building approach allows your film company to expand and contract depending on the pressures of your workflow. When the project is completed, we can simply dismantle the structure. And if you need to relocate, then we can rebuild the structure with no need for groundworks, within a matter of weeks.

Production warehouse

ATS can create studio offices with all the latest mod comms. It can be fully customisable to accommodate multiple production and specialist teams in a multi storey layout. And the ability to place extensive audio/visual equipment into a variety of meeting and screening rooms. In essence, the interior designs are limitless.

Film studio with mezzanine

Our film production studios are:

  • Fully customised

  • Architecturally contemporary

  • Light, colour and texture profiles can be created for each space type

  • Large open area including closed offices for meetings and for technical tasks (recording studio)

  • Acoustic design with wall panels

  • Low lighting spaces for visual effects and editing teams

  • Fully air conditioned

  • Modern style bathroom and kitchen

Studio offices

Use this space for…

  • Film Production offices

  • Art studios

  • Film viewing theatre

  • Multipurpose conference rooms

  • Spacious areas for meeting and lounge areas

  • And…

  • Massive studio space

Film studio

Contact us

For more information on how we can help with your film studio, contact us today.

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